The Sail Bag

With America’s Cup on the mind and the Oracle boat absolutely crushing the other boats on the bay, sail cloth is on our minds. We’ve sold our super lightweight X-Pac sail cloth for years – it looks amazing on messengers – but we recently built a totally different type of sail bag.

Our good friend Perry Klebahn came into the office with his son’s sail in his hands and a fireman messenger in his head. Perry got to work with Sing and Hui in a our Timbuk2 factory and the sail messenger was made.

Take one sunfish sail
The sail

And adorning festive flag.
Project spec

Move and measure until it fits
The flag
Figuring out what to make

Then cut and sew.
Sewing sail2
Sewing detail

Give it the bullhorns.
Turning the bag right side out

And voilà! A one of a kind sail cloth bag.
Hui & Perry
Timbuk2 rock star sewer Hui and Perry Klebahn.

The finished product. Made in San Francisco magic.
Finished sail bag
Back of the sail bag

And signed for the lucky sailor.
Hui signing the sail bag

See more sail bag photos here.

Another amazing Klebahn creation. The fireman messenger: 20 year old Fireman’s suit turned into a messenger bag. Made in the Timbuk2 Factory in August 2008.

Take a tour of the Timbuk2 factory here and learn more about Timbuk2 manufacturing here.


  1. Christian says:

    That’s not a sunfish sail, it’s very clearly an optimist sail… also can I buy an opti sail cloth bag?

  2. Beth Reitinger says:

    awesome Optimist t2 bag. There are a lot of sailors who are fans of your bags and it is great you have the talented employees who can carry it through.

  3. Lizzy says:

    Oops! We meant no disrespect to the Optimist. What a great name for a sail! Ahoy.

  4. Annette says:

    There must be a way to use/repurpose/recycle sails! Beginning in the 1960′s sailcloth was made of very durable, synthetic materials that don’t rot–ever. There must be old sails in garages across the country that are orphaned, that could be made into something new.

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