Timbuk2 CMWC

We’re in Chicago and enjoying the hot summer days by Lake Michigan. We’re here to be part of the Cycling Messenger World Championships which will be held right next to the lakefront and Soldier Field this weekend.

Timbuk2 rider Andrea K. has been decked out with our upcoming Especial Messenger and he’ll be putting it to the test alongside the best messengers in the world. We’re gunning for him to win it all!

Rider Profile:
Andrea+Especial Messenger CMWC

1. City you call home and company you’re currently working at:
Living in Santa Cruz (in other words, slice of paradise just south of SF). Selling bikes all day at a bike shop, which basically means talking about bikes instead of riding. I worked as a courier in Chicago before moving out west, I’d move back if you guys replaced the suburbs with mountains.
2. How many other CMWCs have you attended?
No CMWC’s.
NACCC’s and Cuttin Crew Classics
3. What bike are you bringing out?
soma rush track
4. What title are you jockeying for?
Best placed bicycle industry casualty.
5. What drink should someone buy you at the bar?
In order of preference

1. Absinthe
2. Fernet
3. Malort
(PBR before 5pm please)

6. Tell me a joke or something interesting (about yourself)
Freewheels are dangerous for messengers, they encourage falling asleep on the bike when you’re hung over. True story.
7. Most Interesting Experience Messengering:
20 lbs of makeup addressed to Oprah Winfrey at Harpo studios.
Delivering a bunch of Tony’s route when his kid was born.
Watching a ginormous monster fish by the Lake street bridge.
8. Favorite Memory from a Championship :
The quantity of Lagunitas Undercover Investigation Shutdown Ale at the 2007 NACCCs. Kinda gets in the way of the other memories.
9. My pick to win :
Hopin’ for a Chicagoan, a Californian and a Swiss on the podium.
10. How many couriers do you have?
5-10. Clutch Couriers and PedEx. No BMA but one spot’s worker owned, one spot’s owned by a rider/dispatcher.
11. Do you have any complaints about your work environment?
Well, since I don’t courier anymore I have to do alot more nice-nice customer service. In fact that’s almost all I do.
12. Favorite thing about the job :
Seeing ridiculous unexpected things everyday, and riding all the time, knowing the flow of each street. Miss it.

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