Global Recycle Standard

Our Full-Cycle Collection launched this month and we’re extremely proud.

Timbuk2 Full-Cycle Collection

Our Full-Cycle Classic Messenger, Amnesia Backpack, Scrunchie Tote, and Envelope Sleeve are made with 100% recycled and recyclable materials; they’re so environmentally responsible it’s almost irresponsible.

Full Cycle

Our Full-Cycle products are our first Global Recycle Standard (GRS) approved products. What does that mean? See below.
Global Recycle Standard

Like all Timbuk2 products, our Full-Cycle Collection has a Lifetime Guarantee. So even though they’re made from recycled materials, they’re still built to last forever. Full-Cycle love!


  1. Thessjsamala says:

    Wonderful work of arts in cycle earths life !

  2. Joyce says:

    That’s awesome!
    While browsing online this year, I fell in love with the backpack, the people introducing them on youtube, and with timbuk2 philosophy about giving back. I wouldn’t buy a shiny new backpack, though, for love of earth’s resources, and knowing used backpacks are out there.
    It’s awesome that people valued their resources to recycle those plastic bottles, that these got reincarnated into functional timbuk2 backpacks! It’s also awesome to find that used timbuk2 backpacks find new lives across the world.
    Full cycle! Keep going!

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