Night Rider Champ

Remember our girl Nadia? The super smart babe who hacked her messenger for safer rides through Los Angeles and in doing so, inspired our Night Rider Messenger? She popped by the office today.

Nadia was wearing her Night Rider Messenger, which spends a lot of time in this chemistry lab at USC; she’s a mad scientist.

Nadia also hacked this Swig for her coworker. Mental Note: Be friends with Nadia.

San Francisco sunshine (gasp!) shone down on Nadia and her friend Eric for their ride to Timbuk2.
Nadia at Timbuk2 Headquarters

We gave them a factory tour and sneak peak of our 2013 product, and then Nadia rode the Green Machine.
Nadia on the Green Machine

It was a very good day.
Nadia and Eric

Small World Bites: Eric incidentally knows Timbuk2 founder Rob Honeycutt’s old roommate AND is writing a script for a musical about cycling set on San Francisco’s Valencia Street. WHAT?! We cannot wait to see it.
Eric's Movie


  1. Paul says:

    The Night Rider Messenger looks great, I wanted to buy one last year but it was out of stock before I could order it :( Will Timbuk2 produce it again this year? Hope the answer is yes!

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