Burning with Timbuk2

Burning Man seems to bring out the best in Timbuk2 fan photos. Our good friend PRoll spotted this stunner last weekend. Patti said, “Saw this guy near the porta potty lineup adjacent to Distrikt . . . I only wish he had been naked.” So do we Patti, so do we.

Rocking the Timbuk2 Minnie Rae hard at Burning Man 2012.

Digging into the Timbuk2 Burn archives, we found this epic Pork Chop shot, circa 2010. Love is in the air.

Old school Timbuk2 Pork Chops at Burning Man 2010.

This Pork Chop shot was posted on Timbuk2′s Facebook wall Sep 30, 2010 with the comment: “PLEASE bring back the Pork Chop! The BEST TBK2 Accessory EVER! Perfect for a Playa belt, perfect for travel. Carries a GPS, goggles, dust mask, small first aid kit AND works as my EMS kit at home.” How do you say no to such incredible super fans?! We didn’t. We brought the Pork Chop back. Say hello to our revived and updated Pork Chop.

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