Back for Oktoberfest

Our beloved München Chiller is back for Oktoberfest. Given that we have a real German and a real Swiss in the Timbuk2 family, we felt a traditional celebration was in order. So we rode over to our local park for a very jolly photo shoot.

It all started with a real German
Chuck in the Park
a real Swiss
Noel in Dolores
And a very German spread in Dolores Park.
Picnic in the Park

There were shorts with high socks
Knees in the Park
hearty cheers
Cheers in the park

and a serious pretzel bromance.
Pretzel bromance

Get your München Chiller while you can. Prost!


  1. Leslie says:

    Where did he get those leiderhosen?


  2. Oliver says:

    Did you guys already sell out of these?

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