Cycle Toronto

It was Timbuk2′s first time at ExpoCycle, Canada’s largest bike show, in Toronto, Ontario. AND the first time the show was open to the public. Three Timbuk2-ites made the migration north to Canada’s bustling star-studded city (it was also the first week of the Toronto International Film Fest (TIFF)) to explore the city on 2 wheels and learn how Torontonians get rad with their bikes.Wanting to more than just be observers, we decided to put our money where our mouth is (quite literally) to raise money for Toronto’s newly created bike advocacy group: Cycle Toronto.

For a city of over 5.5 million (in the Greater Toronto Area), thousands of bikers on the streets everyday and a growing number of riders, commuters and beginners, it’s hard to believe that bikers in TO are actually experiencing DISAPPEARING BIKE LANES!
So we set out to help beef up Cycle Toronto’s initiatives for more, better, and/or separated bike lanes to connect the city by donating ALL SALE on Saturday, Sept 8 at ExpoCycle from our quirky Break Up With Your Bag program.
The result? A total donation of over $1,360 to Cycle Toronto from Timbuk2 & Toronto with love. Vanessa, a Toronto native now sunning herself in San Francisco with Timbuk2 met up with Jared, Director of Cycle Toronto, to hand over the cash donation and hear about how the money will be spent.

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