Timbuk2 + Woolrich

We’re excited to announce the Timbuk2 + Woolrich Collection. We partnered with legendary wool manufacturer Woolrich to create a limited collection of made in America bags. The premium Woolrich wool used in this collection was milled in Woolrich, Pennsylvania, hand-picked by the Timbuk2 design team, and sewn into bags in San Francisco. We partnered with Woolrich because like Timbuk2, they manufacture iconic, outrageously durable products in the USA. They’re designed to be worn for a lifetime, move with you on city streets and country lanes. We’re proud to partner with Woolrich to bring you this dressed for the holidays Woolrich wool collection. See how it came together below.

The fabric was milled in Woolrich, PA
Materials at Woolrich
Woolrich Fabric Manufacturing
Woolrich Mill

Cut at Timbuk2 headquarters in San Francisco, CA
Woolrich Plaid Timbuk2 logo
Woolrich Plaid

Sewn by hand in Timbuk2′s factory
Sewing Woolrich Messenger
Sewing at Timbuk2

And magically transformed into messengers
Inside Woolrich Messengers
Timbuk2 Woolrich Messenger Bag

We’d rock our new Woolrich Messenger with these California Collection VANS. Babe the Blue Ox would approve.

VANS California Collection


  1. Alien7 says:

    I’m very happy to see that you are pairing with such iconic brand. I’m very excited to see what you can do in the future.
    Nicely done Timbuk2.


  2. kristl says:

    Hope you bring this bag or one similar back

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