Made in America

Made in America, for America. In honor of the 2012 election season, we made 30 units of this very special America messenger. Sewing stars in stiff, rugged ballistic nylon wasn’t easy, but it was slightly more practical than cutting and sewing bald eagles, and it was worth it for America!

Originally created for the 2011 Make it in America event with SFMade and Madame Leader Pelosi, our one-of-a-kind messenger was such a hit we had to make more. Made with pride in our San Francisco factory, this limited edition messenger delivers all the goods you know and expect from a Timbuk2 Classic Messenger. Rock it with pride.

See the America messenger come together in Timbuk2′s San Francisco factory.

Timbuk2 American Flag Messenger

Checking out the stripes on the Timbuk2 America Messenger

Flag coming to life

Timbuk2 American Messenger being handmade

Timbuk2 American Messenger being handmade

Hand Numbered

Tis the season to rock the vote!

Ya Vote Sticker


  1. Miguel Angel Montaño Gutiérrez says:

    Sold out in less than 10 minutes wow fuck! I got the email 10:31 and by 10:36 it was SOLD OUT!!

    • Miguel Angel Montaño Gutiérrez says:

      Eastern Daylight Savings Time 10:31 AM EDT !! That’s when said email was sent to me with this promo, so about 7:31 PDT

  2. anne says:

    Ditto got on as soon as I saw the email and gone!
    Loved the look and idea….
    Hope you make them again…and more! :)

  3. William Beem says:

    Only 30? It was sold out before I ever got a chance to see the email. Great product idea, but really poor execution.

  4. Joshua Dickinson says:

    There were three left when I logged in…had it in my cart…in the time it took me to enter my credit card info it was gone. I have never felt this level of disappointment in my life ever…I guess that is the “American” way…a piece of my soul has just died.

  5. audrey franklin says:

    I am sorry that i missed out on this very nice bag. Will you be making any next July?

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