Giants Fever

For the second time in three years the San Francisco Giants won the World Series and baseball fever swept over the City. Our office was far from immune to the baseball frenzy as many Timbuk2ers had closely followed the hometown team throughout the topsy-turvy season. Groups from the office went out to the ballpark together, some had season tickets and made sure to share them when they couldn’t go, and as the Giants fought their way to a championship, the office chatter surrounding baseball gradually increased.

Bags or baseball? Taking a break from the desks:

Here we are celebrating a close playoff win at the office, high-fives all around!

It wasn’t all glory for the Giants and their fans. The season had many ups and downs, highlighted by the suspension of Melky Cabrera, one of their all-stars. We had we teamed up with the Melk-Men a group of lads that cheered Melke on and dressed up as milk men. We designed a set of special San Francisco made Custom Messengers for them, complete with matching orange bow-ties. Shortly after an amazing performance by the Giants players at the All-Star game, Melky was suspended for his use of performance-enhancing drugs. An integral part of the team was now gone, the Melk-Men were now no longer needed at the ball-park, and those oh-so-sexy bags we made were now associated with a player who had been bending the rules. Just like Livestrong bracelets, everything Melky was now tainted — but as Tyler, one of the Melkmen explains “The Giants proved to be a historically resilient team after the suspension and throughout the playoffs”.

Made in San Francisco for San Francisco:

The Melk-Men bow-ties.

With victory in hand, many of our fans-asked us to make special San Francisco Giants bags. One of our fans took it into his own hands and even explained how he did it in his blog. Now that’s dedication!

Our fans are showing off their colors! Vamos Gigantes!

Go Giants!

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