We Like to Party

The time of year has come for office holiday parties, ah yes, those awkward gatherings lubricated by human’s best friend and worst enemy, alcohol. While your company party theme involves ugly sweaters, includes small talk about the weather and your plans for vacation — we take these gatherings very seriously. Our official Holiday Party Taskforce had everyone pull the name of a pop-star out of a hat several weeks prior to the party to allow for maximum costume preparation and went on to prepare a party for the books!

We got on a bus after much anticipation:

A few beers down and Janice Joplin and Bob Marley were getting ready to spark one up

Aretha Franklin and David Bowie then got into it over who was better dressed

Madonna hit the stripper pole on the bus and George Clinton was impressed

Meanwhile the Spice Girls were looking cute and drinking vodka because beer is way too gross. OMG.

Freddy Mercury was starstruck when meeting Justin Bieber who was trying to get over his breakup. He “still loves Selena”.

Oh, then Freddy found his chest-hair again and the world continued to go-round.

The bus and the music stopped at Fort Funston where the pop-stars got together to light up balloons:

…and away they flew into the San Francisco night

Michael then looked at his phone and was like nuh-uh, it’s time to dance y’all

and before we knew it we’d made it to the Bold Italic to hit the Dance Floor

Steven Tyler’s moves were out of control

He needed a break, so as one would do in San Francisco, Madonna helped light up a joint

George Clinton stepped in, messing up the rotation

and passed the joint to Lenny Kravitz

who obliged and handed it off to George Michael

Everyone then hit the photo-booth

With Aretha stealing the show

and fun was had by all!

Happy Holidays!

from Timbuk2!

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