The Bacon Bag

A fan recently informed us of a Timbuk2 bag that had become toast. This messenger was reduced to a pile of ash after an engine fire engulfed the Bacon Bacon food truck in San Francisco.

Luckily no one was hurt in the blaze and the truck was insured –the bag however wasn’t.

We reached out to the folks at Bacon Bacon and let em’ know that we wanted to hook them up with a replacement, because after all, you just gotta keep going!

Little did we know that Jim, the owner of Bacon Bacon, had already gone to our Hayes Valley shop to customize a new replacement bag earlier that week. We chatted with him and when he went to go pick up his bag we made sure that this one was one us. Time to rise from the ashes Bacon Bacon, we can’t wait to see your new truck driving around San Francisco!


  1. Rog says:

    This is awesome. Bacon and Timbuk2 bags make an awesome combination.

  2. timbuk2Jared says:

    One would argue that bacon and ANYTHING make an awesome combination.

  3. Carl_in_Richland says:

    A random act of kindness. May The Force be with you, Timbuk2!

  4. Tom Dorn says:

    Gimme, I want =
    a bag–such as the envelope or quick laptop messenger–I can “wear” all day making my iPad regular or mini always handy [hands free handy]=maybe an envelope with a shoulder strap that would not wear-away suite or dress fabric or
    a kinda gun shoulder holster thing used to conceal a pistol under a jacket=a quick-draw shoulder pocket bag.
    Or, would-a waist holster work with a mini without it catching on-a chair arm or such?
    Betcha could design a clever thing.
    Coulda holster bag be worn in a car without tangling in the car harness?
    Once a bag is off it’s liable to be left behind or stolen.
    And, how-bout such a thing for a short, fat, ugly, obnoxious, old guy with bad breath?
    Thanks, Tom
    Really, I’m not so short!

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