Onigiri in the House

Today we had delicious Onigilly for lunch. Say that three times in a Japanese accent!

Onigilly onigiri

Hai. As part of our Monthly Lunch from a Local program – remember Jess from Eat Banh Mi? – Koji and Kaye of Onigilly made us hand-held, nori-wrapped umami treats in the Timbuk2 kitchen until we’d devoured every grain.

Koji from Onigilly

@Onigilly was founded by Koji in 2007 with the support of the San Francisco incubator kitchen, La Cocina. La Cocina was established to support emigrant women with brilliant culinary ideas, but they understood Koji’s vision and devoured his product. Thus Koji became La Cocina’s first business run by man. Five years and countless onigiri later, Koji and Kaye found themselves molding and folding dozens and dozens of delicious onigiri in the Timbuk2 kitchen.

“ONIGILLY’s mission is to introduce onigiri into the American dietary repertoire and to contribute to better eating habits nationwide.” We all wish we’d had onigiri in our lunch boxes as kids. If Koji has anything to do with it, the American tikes of the future will swap PB&Js for miso soup and umeboshi onigiri!

Onigiri action in the Timbuk2 kitchen.

Onigilly Action
Onigilly Action

Koji uses rice molds, but if you want to onigiri old school, this is how you do it:
Onigiri How To

Find Onigilly in San Francisco here or learn how to make your own here.


  1. Bella says:

    Awesome blog thank you! Reminds me of my mother making these.

  2. Wendy says:

    Hi Lizzy! We saw this great post on Onigilly and wanted to invite you to a night of rice ball-making, eating (all the rice balls you can make! and izakaya plates!), and becoming best friends with Adachi, the founder/chef!

    You can check out the event here :) http://www.simmr.co/events/26

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