2012 Social Wrap Hits

So we made it past the apocalypse and now we’re ready to look back at this wonderful year as we head for another spin around the sun. We’ve decided to put together the greatest Timbuk2 social hits of 2012, so here you have them! Cheers and to another great year.

Honorable Mention: We’re happy to be building a very strong community on G+, the misunderstood child of the social world. We’re really digging all that +1 love. Give us a click if you haven’t already.

10. 10,000 Tweets, 15,000 Followers
Fittingly coming in at number 10: Hitting the milestone of 10,000 Tweets in late July. We celebrated this with a Retweet and popped open a can of Orangina. Aaaah refreshing. Just about 400 tweets later, we hit got our 15,000th follower. This prompted us to go grab a cup of coffee and respond to the lastest Tweet we got, something about bags. And now for another shameless plug, if you don’t follow us on Twitter already, come join the party. Chirp chirp!
We made it!

9.Sweepstakes Champion
We ran four sweepstakes on Facebook this year. We gave away bikes, bags, helmets, longboards, and lights (the list could keep going). There were many lucky guys and gals and our pick for our “favorite winner” goes out to Shane Lally. Shane wrote back to us that he was “still freaking out” when we informed him that he had won a snazzy new Sector 9 longboard in our Back-to-School Sweepstakes. He was so excited he kept refreshing the tracking button we had the board ready to ship. He was so excited he made sure to ask us for updates on when it would arrive. Congrats Shane we’re glad you were stoked on the win!

8.Pinterest Power
We got our groove going on Pinterest this year passing 1,000 Followers and curating some really neat boards. Our highlight in the pinning world was our fun collaboration with the kind folks at Sanuk for our Groovy Green Giveaway, our first foray into engaging with our fans on this fun platform!

7. Bag for Bacon
This story really highlights the power behind social. After being informed via Facebook of a local Food Truck burning down to ashes along with a Timbuk2 bag, we reached out to the friendly folks at Bacon Bacon to help them bounce back. We’re happy to spread the love to another San Francisco business and look forward to having the new food truck swing by our headquarters once it hits the road. Read the full story here.

6.The Knife Roll
A few years ago we received a request via Twitter from a certain Chef Johnny to produce a knife roll. As a huge Timbuk2 fan, he was certain that we could make something awesome for all the chefs who roll up their knives in makeshift bags or hand-me-downs from their friends and family. Fast forward to 2012, we finally get the first samples of our new Tool Shed/Knife Roll. We Tweeted out to Chef Johnny and sent him the Knife Roll for testing, the results are looking good. Read the whole story here.

5.Uber Unicorns and Hybrids
Although we’d rather bike everywhere, we know that’s rather tough sometimes, that’s why we love Uber. We partnered up with this nifty social app and gave away some special messenger bags to 40 lucky riders. Over the course of two weeks we gathered pictures of the happy bag recipients over Twitter and Instagram and put them all together onto a collection on Pinterest. We got some great images, but by far our favorite came from @its_ryan who popped out of the Uber Hybrid at the Golden Gate Bridge with a sweet new messenger. Read the full story here.

4. Instagram Mania
We had a great time snapping up awesome shots of San Francisco, our sexy bags and the pretty things that caught our eyes onto Instagram. We were stoked to be featured as one of the best brands on Instagram by Smart Recruiters. Our favorite shot came about after hanging out by the Golden Gate Bridge for several hours to witness the last flight of our the Space Shuttle Endeavour. This image was a hit all over the social world, made it onto the Atlantic magazine and was our 2nd most liked image on Instagram this year. We’re ready to keep the Instagram goodness coming in 20-thirteen!

In November we launched Timbuk2Fans.com as a tribute to our fans who romp around the world with trusty Timbuk2 companions. We’re stoked with some of the amazing shots we’ve gotten so far. Our favorite submission so far is from Axana who trekked up the Mt. Fuji with her Swig.

In August we launched Whatsinyourbag.com which gives everyone an inside look at all the squishy, bulky, salty, furry things we carry and simply cannot live without. Looking at everyones gear provides a great insight into the different lives we all lead. It’s tough to pick favorites here, but we voted for this clean shot by David Childers a photographer from South Carolina.

1.50,000 Facebook Fans
50,000 likes on Facebook! To celebrate this milestone, we drank champagne from a golden fountain, ate Russian caviar and pranced in a field of diamonds. In all seriousness, we really felt the love–thanks everyone!


  1. Nonna T says:

    Do you guys still have those pearl-like covered messenger bags with shark teeth print on the inside of the flap? I saw a girl on Muni with one of those and I fell in love with it!
    Thanks for your time!


    • Timbuk2 says:

      Hi Nonna,

      You may have to search the interwebs for that one. That happened to be our limited edition Shark Messenger and we no longer carry them.



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