New Timbuk2 Customizer

Hello Future! Meet the new Timbuk2 customizer.

Now available on the iPad and in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, our customizer has finally swiped its way into 2013.

Our new customizer features:

One Page Customization: Customize every detail of your bag on one bigger, better page. How convenient!
Customizer - ALL STEPs in ONE Page

Filtered Start Page: New filters on our start page make it much easier to find the right bag.
Start Page - New Filters

Inspiration & Saving: Now you can view inspiration bags while you customize and then save the bags you love (so you can obsess later). It’s almost too much.
Saved Bags and Inspiration bags above the fold

Sizing Page: We added on-model shots for all custom styles to help you compare and contrast products. Yes, that large will make you look small.
Sizing Page - On Model and Other Perspectives Comparison

Model Shots: Would you like to see a model in that? Ok. Queue model.
Model Shots

Matching Strap Pads: Would you like a matching strap pad with that? “Eh! Someone get this guy a matching strap pad!”
Matching Strap Pads

Pricing Panel: It might be more fun if our bags were free, but our new pricing panel makes it really easy to understand why they aren’t. We promise not to let you fall in love without knowing what you’re falling in love with.
Customizer - Price Details

A big thank you to our loyal fans who have kept our custom business in business (and thriving!) since 1989. Thanks to you, we get to design, cut, and sew made-to-order bags in the heart of San Francisco all day long. We love it, so let the customization continue!

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