Timbuk2 Golden Ticket

Every month in 2013, lucky makers of Timbuk2 custom bags will win a Timbuk2 Golden Ticket. . .

Will you find one of these in your custom Timbuk2 bag?
Golden Ticket

Learn more about the Timbuk2 Golden Ticket Contest here.
Golden Ticket 2


  1. Hendrix says:

    Isn’t this contest illegal in the united states since it required a purchase to be entered?

    • Timbuk2 says:

      The Timbuk2 Golden Ticket Contest is a contest of skill. Winners are selected by the highly qualified Timbuk2 Golden Ticket Committee who judge and select winners based on their bag’s rarity, beauty, and funk. Because winning the Timbuk2 Golden Ticket Contest requires skillfully meeting the stated selection criteria, purchase for entry is legal. We hope this isn’t totally disappointing news. The contest is intended to be fun and festive, a celebration of custom Timbuk2 bags and the clever customers who create them. Go forth and customize!

  2. Richard says:

    So its an art meets form contest. You should then update the purchase system to allow users to enter design notes. For example, I have spent a few days thinking over a bag that looks extremely simplistic, and business oriented. The art is in its function, being able to withstand 80+ mile an hour torrential Seattle rain while on a motorcycle. Matching the business needs, with function, with the image my gear is not less than an act of artistic creativity. Yet the utilitarian look from afar would not ‘win’ me any awards. Just a thought.

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