Golden Ticket the Movie

The making of the Timbuk2 Golden Ticket movie.

When: Wednesday, January 9, 2013
Where: Timbuk2 Factory, San Francisco
Who: Members of the Timbuk2 Crew, TributeSF and friends, one very expensive camera

The Golden Ticket crew assembled on a typically gray but atypically cold San Francisco morning.
tributeSF x timbuk2-1001

The oompa loompas did not appreciate the disturbance in work.
tributeSF x timbuk2-1005

And the kids were cold but happy. They’re kids.
The Kids

Lighting was queued.
tributeSF x timbuk2-1007

Bubbles were blown.
tributeSF x timbuk2-1008

Expensive gear was deployed.
tributeSF x timbuk2-1010

Important wardrobe adjustments were made.
tributeSF x timbuk2-1011

And a star was born.
tributeSF x timbuk2-1021

It’s hard to be this dashing in a women’s crushed red velvet blazer from PacSun.
So smooth

There was sign marching and bike riding.
tributeSF x timbuk2-1023

Oompa Loompas

Outdoor line delivery.
tributeSF x timbuk2-1042

Indoor line fussing.
The Kids and Wonka

Sneaky sideline work.
tributeSF x timbuk2-1020

Some background giggles and temporary costume ditching.
tributeSF x timbuk2-1040

And yes, more productivity from the oompa loompas.
Oompa Loompa Hard at Work

All in a days work at the Timbuk2 factory in San Francisco.
Oompa Loompas

All photos courtesy of TributeSF and friends.

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