Photo Contest Winners

We’re stoked to present to you the fantastic winners of our Classic Messenger Photo Contest. Here are the lucky 5, plus our favorite runner-up!

1st Place with 323 votes (well done sharing your smile!)
Name: Zac E.

His winning entry:
“I can take it anywhere and do anything. From one to seven days my bag has my back.”

2nd place with 263 votes
Name: Amy VC
Age: 20
Place: Seattle, Washington
Occupation: Fulltime student studying Elementary Music Education.
Timbuk2 you currently own/carry (if any): I received my first Timbuk2 bag last Christmas from my [lovely] grandparents and parents. It’s a small, classic, navy and violet messenger bag. I also asked for a Timbuk2 kindle case and laptop case for my birthday and plan on designing a new extra small, custom messenger after this contest. Now that I have one, I can’t imagine using a different bag; I’ll be a lifelong fanatic!
My friends deserve a big high-five; the best part of this experience was feeling all their support and encouragement! They were just as excited about the win as I was. I’m stoked for all the new adventures that I’ll be having with these bags; graduating college, teaching jobs, hiking on the Olympic Peninsula, and my trip to Australia over the summer. Thank you for providing sturdy, stylish bags that make me, and the environment, happy!

Her winning Entry:
After studying music in college, I found that my bag needed to double as a place to keep my music and drumsticks, along with all my personal day to day things. My Timbuk2 bag is perfect for carrying textbooks, sheet music, my camera, or just my wallet and keys. I hike with it, I play music with it, and I know my things are safe [and stylish]. It’s practically an extra limb that’s frees up the other ones to do creative, fun things! Thanks Timbuk2!

3rd place with 205 votes
Name: Dominic R.
Age: 29
Place: Greater Philadelphia Area
Occupation: AmeriCorps After School Program Facilitator, serving in Philadelphia
Timbuk2 you currently own/carry (if any): Small Classic Custom Messenger Bag. I use it for work every day, and it’s a great bag for traveling the world. I traversed the Great Wall of China and the beaches of Puerto Rico with this bag and it has plenty of more places to visit. It is also great for day trips around the city- it easily fits a DSLR camera, a beverage, maps/travel book and other essential knick knacks. I love it’s versatility and it’s workmanship. I’m stoked to choose a new custom messenger bag and can’t wait to bring it with me on my next adventure!

His winning entry:
My girlfriend bought me this messenger bag last year. Since then, we have taken this bag in our travels to San Francisco, Puerto Rico, Beijing and all over the east coast. It is a great bag for a day trip and for every day work. In this photo, we are exploring the back alleys behind the Forbidden City in Beijing. This bag is great!

4th place with 204 votes
Name: Uriel S.
Age: 18 years old
Place: Chicago Illinois
Occupation: College Student and tutor
Timbuk2 you currently own/carry (if any): I own a Timbuk2 Phoenix backpack, and a custom messenger.
Id like to tell the community to cycle more often, swap the car for cycling when possible and Timbuk2 rocks! :)

His winning entry:
Fell in love with each other and our Timbuk2 bags in the cyclist-friendly city of Chicago. Timbuk2 represents passion for cycling at its best, thats why we love our bags. Thanks San Francisco!!

5th place with 155 votes:
Name: Devon A.
Age: 38
Place: Phoenix, AZ
Occupation: Full time high school English teacher; Concert Photographer
Timbuk2 you currently own/carry (if any): Two Swigs, 1 medium messenger, 1 large commuter messenger, 1 small messenger, 1 custom cargo tote, & 3 envelope sleeves
Timbuk2 has become my bag of choice for everything and has joined me from the East Coast to the West Coast, across the Atlantic, to the top of Mount Pilatus, to the Canals of Amsterdam, and several adventures in between.

His winning entry:
“The versatility of my messenger allows me to use it locally for carrying essays back and forth to my teaching gig, biking through the canal streets in Amsterdam or even climbing to the top of Mount Pilatus 7,000 feet above Lucerne, Switzerland as I did in this photo.”

Our favorite shot and Timbuk2 runner-up!
Sera J. from Idaho:


  1. John Champagne Jr says:

    Amy VC should have won, unique pic…1st place of a picture of a guy! Geez.

    • Noel says:

      Definitely agree that Amy VC has a great picture! The winners were based on votes received last week, and Zac made his way to the top. Cheers, T2

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