Timbuk2 in Indonesia

We’re proud to announce the opening of a Timbuk2/Bratpack store in Sogo Alam Sutera, Jakarta Indonesia. A few weeks after a successful store opening in Taiwan, Timbuk2 continues to keep its stunning good looks spreading around the globe.


  1. help! cancel order says:


  2. Yoki says:

    Finally…Timbuk2 Eagle has landed in my home town!…could you please inform me the store phone number?

  3. Sutanto says:

    I lived near Mal Alam Sutera. Call SOGO at 021 3044 9275, ask to talk with Bratpack SPG.

  4. Agnostinia says:


    FYI, Bratpack Store Alam Sutra is located in Tangerang, not in Jakarta. For those who want to get Timbuk2 product as I am, which is really located in Jakarta, you may find at Bratpack store in Kuningan City mall and Kota Kasablanka mall in South Jakarta. These two malls are in line.

    You’re welcome :)

  5. Romanus Pandu says:

    at last, i don’t have to wait my friends that in US to buy this bag. Can i know which store that has the most complete collection? Cause, what i see in this pict they doesn’t have showdown…

  6. Cytrix says:

    boleh bantu info rekan..utk aviator travel pack atau rogue laptop backpack apakah ada dijual jakarta?..klo ada boleh info contact person yg bisa dihubungi utk hal ini ?
    tq in advance

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