Especial Messenger

Our good friend Brett, an expert in all things coffee and an excellent marathon runner had the chance to put our Especial Messenger to the test during the cold New York City winter. Brett has a thing for Italian bikes and rides a Bianchi during his daily commutes and a very special steel Colnago on special occasions.

We had a chat with him about the Especial Messenger, here it is!

Timbuk2: What would you say is your favorite part about the bag?
Brett: I love the magnetic buckles, they’re the best when you’re in a rush or when your fingers are freezing cold. They just snap on. Bam.

Timbuk2: Awesome, have you played around with the adjustable strap to get the right fit?
Brett: Yeah. When I first got the bag, it had a weird fit. It was sitting on my back almost vertically. Noel from Timbuk2 checked in on me and gave me the low-down on how to adjust the shoulder strap. I’ve got it down now. I occasionally switch the fit depending on how much stuff I’m carrying.

Timbuk2: There’s definitely a whole ton of adjusting you can do with this Messenger, it’s ambidextrous as well so it works great on lefties or whenever you want to give a shoulder a rest.
Brett: I haven’t switched shoulders yet, that could be cool, but I’m used to having my messenger on my left shoulder. Might take some getting used to.

Timbuk2: If there were one thing you’d want on this bag that you don’t have, what would it be?
Brett: An integrated Espresso Machine…that serves only Blue Bottle coffee.

Timbuk2: Bingo! Sounds like we need to get to work on that. We may need your help here.
Brett: Yep, if gotta have my caffeine dispenser at all times!

Timbuk2: Anything else about the Messenger you want to share?
Brett: The reflective liner, it’s awesome. My friends took a flash picture the other night, only the liner turned out in the picture and everyone was blind for a second.

Timbuk2: Gotta stand out at night! Awesome, well we’re off for some coffee ourselves.
Brett: Cheers! Enjoy.


  1. Todd Warner says:

    Hello, my name is SFC Todd Warner. i am an active duty soldier currently deployed to Afghanistan. i purchased a timbuk2 bag before i deployed to carry my laptop and a few books. Since then i have literally used the heck out of it on patrols and during my daily duties. Your product is very well made and worth every penny. The bag is a messenger style design; generally not my first pick of a bag in combat but it works surprisingly well. Hats off to you all, thank you from way over here.

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