Nico and the Swig

Nothing beats the awesome stories we get from our fans and all the adventures they go on with their trusty Timbuk2 Companions. Our pal Nico who has posted on recently shared this with us:

“”What is up guys!!

Id like to share with you guys a bit of my current adventures. So a while ago i submitted my bag to the whats in your bag blog and it was posted.

I just got back from putting on a bike race in Haiti!! and of course i took my trusty handy dandy swig. ive attached some pictures of me at the event. i will admit that i am trying to kill this bag and it refuses to die. there are very few things that can be done to improve this bag. i always recommend it to people that need a backpack, it seems like no matter how full it is there is still room in it for more. keep up the good work and ill let you know when the bag finally dies or needs to be retired!

rock on!”

and YOU rock too on Nico!

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