T2 Dog Sledding

We were recently on Twitter when this came our way:

We were so amazed by this awesome adventure that we had to find out more. We reached out to Dan, and within minutes we had the full story:
in response to your tweet – I bought my bag about 1995 or so and have basically carried it everyday. I had to have the bottom of it covered in the heavy duty coating about 9 years ago but it’s traveled everywhere with me. I used to be cycle bound only and it hauled everything from groceries to blueprints. Now most of the time I’m wearing it on the back of my motorcycle or chucking my laptop in it for work. I also carry a Canon rebel, a zoom lens and small tripod in it for most of my adventures but they all have neoprene sleeves for protection since I like the open configurability. I almost replaced it with a dry bag for my most recent adventure to Greenland to go dog sledding but decided to give it a go anyway as it’s the perfect size for carryon etc. I was a little worried the old vinyl inside would crack at the anticipated temperatures of -20 to -30 Fahrenheit but those fears were unfounded! It held up great for 4 days in the Ilulisat area of Greenland and I plan on carrying it for many years to come.

Simply amazing. We’re now wondering if any of our bags have ever been inside a volcano.

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