Red Hook Rider Kacey

Our final rider to be introduced to our crew of Red Hook Crit riders is none other than Kacey Manderfield. Kacey won the first edition of the Crit in 2008 and has been beating out the other gals since. We asked Kacey what made this race so special to her: “The Red Hook Crit is admittedly my favorite event, which I know because I still get nervous every time without fail! I thought I would take a break from it due to less riding and starting a new job but I apparently can’t force myself to stay away – it’s simply too much fun. The raw and refreshing nature of the event is unique and unmatched. I am of course really excited to be a part of it all and yes, I’m already nervous.”

Nervous or not, Kacey still rides faster than most. She finished in 9th placed last year and was once again the first female to cross the finish line. Good luck keeping up with this gal, you’ll need it!

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