Read The Good Book

Next time you’re ready to settle in for a good read, check out Timbuk2′s The Good Book.
Timbuk2 Good Book

Recently published in limited edition hardback format, it’s really good.
Timbuk2 Good Book

We’re not silly enough to think you’d actually read a real book, so we slotted in a protective home for your iPad to enable maximum reading distraction. It even has a cutout for your camera.
Timbuk2 Good Book

And, we thought we’d keep you hydrated.
Timbuk2 Good Book

Stir, mix, and enjoy.
Timbuk2 Good Book

And Happy April Fool’s Day.


  1. Caren Troutman says:

    I knew somehow that this was a joke but part of me wonders if you wouldn’t get orders for such a product. Probably need to be a higher price point though.

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

  2. will marks says:

    You must make this. Greatest Xmas gift ever.

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