Red Hook Roundup

We’re back in San Francisco after a phenomenal time out at the Red Hook Criterium at Brooklyn’s Cruise Terminal. This intense fixed gear race is more than just another bike race, it truly is a work of art. What started out as a race through the streets of Brooklyn to celebrate David Trimble’s birthday in 2008 is now a world class event held in 3 countries. It gathers cyclists and spectators from around the world and continues to grow year after year. The first Red Hook Crit was held without sponsors, prizes, promotion or permits and only had a few spectators. This past weekend, a crowd estimated at eight thousand spectators gathered around the short, technical course, to watch an event that is changing the way folks think about bike racing and has also played a pivotal role in bringing an entire community together after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.

On race day we crossed the Manhattan Bridge on a bike lent to us by Neil Bezdek, the would be winner of the race.

Located on the Southern edge of Brooklyn, the race is held at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, a stunning setting.

The afternoon consisted of riders taking turns qualifying for the final race later in the day. Only the top 100 cyclists make it into the final starting field, no easy task.

On race afternoon, we hung out with the cyclists representing Timbuk2: Kacey Manderfield, Kelli Samuelson, Evan Murphy and Neil Bezdek. Here, Neil seen rocking the Especial Cuatro, is focused on the Red Hook Crit app, keeping track of how other cyclists are performing during qualifying.

Evan Murphy was staying relaxed and rocking a stunning Stanridge Speed ride with a matching skinsuit and of course his trademark smile.

Kelli laying it down during qualifiers.Photo courtesy of Cycleangelo (Cycleangelo Facebook)

Her qualifying run came to an unlucky end as a huge nail punctured her tire. Luckily she didn’t get hurt and still had a great time throughout the event. (photo credit Kelli Samuelson)

Evan minutes before the race. Photo courtesy of Cycleangelo (Cycleangelo Facebook)

As the race kicked off, Neil and Evan stayed in the front group, lapping other cyclists and forcing them off the course. Here, with 13 laps to go Neil whizzes by with Walton Brush in second and Evan Murphy in third.

Kacey, pushing it until the final lap! Photo credit ToneB

On the final lap, Neil got into the hairpin turn in 1st place and put on the boosters coming out of it. Victory for Neil, Evan second and SF Bay Area local Walton Brush in third.

Celebration after crossing the finish line. Neil in 1st, Evan right behind. Photo credit Brian Vernor

Celebrating the win! Evan and Neil on the podium poppin’ bottles…and while Kacey isn’t on the podium she was the only woman to complete the race. Props to them all!

Walton Brush, Neil Bezdek and Evan Murphy.

We’re stoked to be part of the Red Hook Crit and looking forward to the next race at Brooklyn’s Navy Yard in June. A big thank you to David Trimble, the cyclists, spectators and sponsors who all came together to make this a truly remarkable event.

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