Camo in the Customizer

There’s a serious Army Navy faceoff in fashion right now, and while we’re light on stripes and anchors, we’re heavy on camo. Today we’re excited to introduce a new water resistant cotton camoflauge fabric in our custmomizer. Mellow it out with waxed canvas, play it up with brights, or go full incognito and camoflauge the whole thing. You can’t go wrong; camo always works.

To find the right camo for our product offering, our designer Kacie got moody and created this inspiration board. Get inspired >

Timbuk2 Camo Mood Board

The army navy fashion faceoff per The Journal. Are you a soldier or a sailor?
WSJ Army Navy Faceoff
Photo courtesy of WSJ

Also new to our customizer are polka dots (they’re back!) and two vibrant prints to punch into spring.

It’s always fun to see who discovers new fabrics first . . .

First bag customized with a new fabric
1st Timbuk2 Bag Customized
Timbuk2 Small Custom Laptop Messenger Bag
ballistic nylon coral / ink splatter red, purple, black / bold chevron black natural
Created April 7, 2013 @21:58
Shipping to San Francisco, CA
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Second bag customized with a new fabric
2nd Timbuk2 Messenger Customized
Timbuk2 Xsmall Custom Eula Mini Messenger Bag
victorian aquamarine / ballistic nylon black
Created April 7, 2013 @22:00
Shipping to Fairfax, VA
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Discover ways to wear our new fabrics here.

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