Filming a Ride

We’ve been busy working with Jared Frazer of Tribute SF for a special #GoPro project that we’re excited to let you all in on (it’s still super secret). The star of our film is none other than Jared Fickel, the hip assistant-manager at our San Francisco retail store. While working with two guys both named Jared F. can be a bit confusing, we seem to have managed quite well. Sunrise wake-ups, shots from Sausalito, Hawk Hill and Ocean Beach–it really doesn’t get better than that. Filming a bike ride through some of the most scenic areas in the Bay is really a treat, especially when the weather co-operates. We were lucky to be filming in warm and sunny weather and while our project will be out in the next couple of months, here are some of our glorious outtakes.


  1. mallmumbai says:

    Hi Noel,
    I must say these pictures are simply breathtaking!! I must say these idea is something colorful. Shooting a bike drive is having fun and same time having dazzling view of scenery, often we don’t get to experience in busy schedule. Doing something different than others with different concept, now that’s what I call a staaar!!!!
    online shopping in India Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience and ample pictures with us.

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