Polk Street for Bikes

Many of us at Timbuk2 commute to work by bike and among these commuters quite a few of them take the Polk street Gulch down towards the Mission. While not as crazy as as riding down three lanes of traffic on Van Ness, Polk street certainly isn’t your quaint cycling corridor–in fact, once a month someone on a bicycle AND walking is involved in a collision. For these reasons, the San Francisco Bike Coalition has been working hard to make some much needed changes to Polk street, giving more room to cyclists and creating dedicated bike lanes. In a recent meeting dedicated to the suggested changes for Polk street many local merchants spoke up against the proposed bike lanes arguing that reducing car traffic would negatively affect them. Based on a survey from the SF MTA, 80% of people arrive on Polk street by foot, bike or transit. Improving the area to benefit commuters will benefit the neighborhood and be a welcome change to this busy corridor. Read more about the proposed changes and voice your support for new bike lanes and the SFBC by clicking here.

Drivers bring less revenue:

Bike lanes on Polk will be an improvement for the area and for commuters:


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