Earth Day Recycling

One of our biggest fans Westley decided it was time to let go…

“In honor of Earth Day I’ve decided to recycle one of my bags from my ridiculously large Timbuk2 collection.

This was one of my very first Timbuk2 bags. It has been on a lot of journeys with me but now it’s time for it to start a new journey with someone else.

Timbuk2 recycles bags by giving them to someone who can really use it. In return I get 30% (usually 20% but an extra 10% for April!) off my next purchase. This is a win/win anyway you look at it. Score!”

“Please give my bag a good home”

Here are the promotions we’re currently running for the month of April in honor of Earth Day, or Earth Month if you’d like.

If you want 30% off, you must send in your Timbuk2 bag to us at the Timbuk2 headquarters in San Francisco. At the San Francisco retail store, you can trade any bag, and you will receive an immediate 20% off voucher (until April 28th). If you’re thinking about recycling your bag, April is the month to do it!

Happy Earth Day everyone.


  1. susanne french says:

    sending you one.. timbuk2 address in sanfrancisco?

  2. Joann McCraw says:

    This is a very nice project of Timbuk2 for the earth day. We should all do things that are healthy for our environment as much as we want our body to be healthy too. This effort a very great effort shown by Timbuk2 and i hope this will continue for several years to come. -

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