Riding the West Coast

At 2 pm today, this guy showed up at Timbuk2 headquarters in San Francisco. He’d just ridden from San Diego to San Francisco after years of bike touring between Nicaragua and Panama. No problemo!

Meet our new friend Britain.

Britain rides to Timbuk2

Btw, he lost his wallet five miles ago, so if you find it . . .


  1. Britten Ferguson says:

    … I’ll buy you a beer. Or 5. And then I’ll invite you and the entire Timbuk2 team to stay at my place free of charge in Costa Rica.

    *Not trying to split hairs here but it iiis spelled “Britten”. Thanks for letting me stash by panniers at your office for a couple hours btw.

  2. Beau Poppen-Abajian says:

    Britten might lose his wallet, but he’ll never lose his cool! My guy!

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