Meet a Timbuk2 Intern

Meet YouthMade Intern Adina Whitaker. She’s in charge of improving our shipping, manufacturing and production stations as well shaping up our recycling program.

Adina in front of the Golden Gate Bridge photo by Kittie Homme

Where are you from?
Born and raised in the great city by the bay, I have was always immersed in the many cultures San Francisco has so elegantly melted together. Living between the slowly gentrifying Mission District, the awesome restaurant cramped Valencia Street, and the family paved Noe Valley has made me a well rounded, open-minded young lady. As a first generation high school graduate, I attended City College of San Francisco, where I received my Associates Degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences and transferred to Dean College in Massachusetts. Now, as Psychology/Dance major, I plan to transfer to George Mason University in Virginia, but still come back to my beloved family in my beloved city every chance I get.

How did you become a Timbuk2 Intern and is this your first internship?
In my junior year in high school, I became part of a youth development program called Juma Ventures that helps low income high school students achieve great futures through providing employment, college preparation, and lessons on financial skill building. Recently, Juma Ventures has partnered with SF Made, which together have given birth to a newborn summer internship program called YouthMade. Through YouthMade, I acquired a six-week internship at Timbuk2 Manufacturing in San Francisco. Before being lucky enough to intern at Timbuk2, I interned at the FDA and Earth Day Network though The Washington Center for a semester.

What do you do at Timbuk2?
Through my six-week stay at Timbuk2, I will be working on the mammoth task of helping make Timbuk2’s manufacturing side become more efficient and better modeled after the five S system of work organization. To successfully complete this objective before my six weeks are up, this task has been broken up into three projects that involve giving a face lift to Timbuk2’s: shipping, manufacturing, and production stations. On the side of these projects, I am also helping to revamp Timbuk2’s warranty system as well as assist in establishing a recycling program.

What are your interests or hobbies?
I love to dance and perform. With this love of dance, comes the love of listening to music whenever the time, place, and battery charge on my Itouch allows it. Before I could walk, I was told that I always grooved to the beat of what music was playing, and still do. And if I am not grooving to the beat, I am walking to it—it’s just me, my huge Sony headphones, and the world.

One of the promo posters from my high school’s dance concert

I also love to bake and hope to someday become a pastry chef/dancer. I love creating something delicious for both the eyes and taste buds. Each dessert is like an edible performance—a representation of me.
My current hobbies are crocheting and somehow learning Mandarin. I know what your thinking “mandarin?” but even though it might be as hard as it sounds, I find it to be an awesome challenge. I also love origami.
I simply love being creative in everything I do—from my earrings, to my tasks and more.

Blueberry pancake cupcakes with maple syrup icing—best icing ever!

What are things people may not know about you?
I love animals and the environment and appreciate the role they play in our lives. If I could enforce composting everywhere I went, and beyond—like a composting dictator—I would! I try to leave a bow-tie shaped dollar bill as part of my tip in restaurants. I am mostly Puerto Rican and Black. I am an audiophile. I understand Spanish almost completely, but barely speak it out loud. And lastly, I have always loved Timbuk2’s bags.

Rocking my yellow and black (only) outfit next to this biter.

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