For 25 years, we’ve been cranking out custom, tough as hell, one of a kind bags from our factory in the heart of San Francisco.

As a throwback to this year’s Seattle Tattoo Expo, we reached out to 7 artists, gave them each a white canvas custom bag made in San Francisco, and asked each to create an amazing “tattooed” messenger.

Now here’s where the fun comes in! We want you to decide which bag is the most awesome of them all. Check out the photos below and vote for your favorite right here. The artist who receives the most votes will win a $350 charitable donation to the organization of their choice on behalf of Timbuk2 Seattle.

All 7 bags will be on display in our Seattle store through the end of August and are available for sale, each priced at $200. If you want one, give our team in Seattle a buzz at (206)489-2102.

There’s only 7 of these one of a kind bags and they’re available on a first come, first serve basis and will be ready for pick up at the end of August.








Go vote for your favorite HERE!


  1. Kent Young says:

    I guess I was drawn to the softer look of William Lloyd. They are all very well done and impressive. A great marketing idea. Keep up the good work.

  2. Michael Huntley says:

    It is truly difficult to pick just one! I would be honored to carry any of them around everyday. Thank you Timbuk2 for sharing such great art work.

  3. Daniel Balmores says:

    Fistful of Metal.

  4. Troy says:

    Fist Full of Metal!

  5. seth says:

    All of those are awesome. That was the toughest choice I had to made all day!

  6. Vedada says:

    I voted for Ego…it’s a bag I’d actually wear and it kicks some serious ass

  7. davin says:

    I vote ego

  8. SingleMom56 says:

    CHANI: for all those public school districts that value and respect the American Indian mascots that their communities support.

  9. Timbuk2Seattle says:

    For anyone still interested in a Timbuk2Tattooed bag, we’ve got 2 left available for purchase! The others have been spoken for.

    Jacob Dzul of Dzul Ink Lounge and Leo of Artful Dodger are still for sale!

  10. middleman says:

    Definitely Fistful of metal

  11. Jess says:


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