1. Amabda says:

    This bag and its design are in your face and bold. The colors and talented rendition of the skull is amazing and quite graphic with the inclusion of the triangles.
    I love the overall look of this bag and the combination of form and function. Let me know if it is available for sale.

    • David A. Brisco says:

      They are for sale, the number to the shop is on the head article these bags. They are $200 a peice……

  2. David A. Brisco says:

    This bag strikes me as the best one of the bunch. I love the skull mixed with the fleshy elements. The triangles add some serious structure and color the the whole thing. It is abstract and beautiful. I hope this is a vote, I tried to vote but it seems the G+ folks can not vote unless we sign up for Facebook, which I will not be doing.

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