350 High Fives

At high noon, August 30, 2013, 350 shiny, new teal bicycles in San Francisco came to life in North America’s newest city bike share program: Bay Area Bike Share. These 350 bikes are apart of a larger family of 750 bike share bikes across 4 other cities in the Bay area that will to allow commuters from as south as San Jose and Silicon Valley to get to getting (on 2 wheels).

Bay Area Bike Share bicycles at the Ferry Plaza Building, SF

We were even more pumped to be one of the first to sign up for a membership, becoming a Founding Member to the program, complete with an uber special Black Key to remind us we’ve got bike spirit in our hearts, and a lefty bike sharing program in our city.

Founders Black Key for Bay Area Bike Share. Member #363

Just a few hours after launch, we took to the streets to try out one of these teal steeds, all 44 beautiful pounds of it. A little night riding on the newly bike-laned greenway on Market Street, San Francisco’s original through fare connecting the city.

During my first 30 minute spin, I was stopped *5 times* by friendly strangers, all curious, super supportive and excited to see Bike Share in SF. A women rides up next to me while snapping this photo and asks about how the teal steeds ride…

Moving at the speed of teal steeds on Market Street’s Greenway

Moments later, an enthusiastic pedestrian crossing the street at a light I was waiting at, gives me a high five for riding bike share! It’s almost 7pm now, and feeling inspired by the dusk lights of the city, I take the photo below. That’s when an older couple ask about the program, then ask to try the bicycle and come back saying “I could do this”…

babs@ night

SF Bike Share bikes at night have pedal powered lights (for real!) that keep you safe and visible at any hour.

Finally, rounding out the first bike share trip in SF, a visitor to The City asks me about the bikes while I was taking photos and then takes MY photo with the bike too. SF LOVES BIKESHARE!

It’s showtime! Bay Area Bike Share bikes under the lights on Market St, SF


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