How do you chill?

Every year, come summertime, we release the coveted Dolores Chiller. We dream of heading out to the park sporting sunglasses, short shorts and a beer filled cooler bag. Alas, ever year come summertime our city is blanketed by fog by our good friend Karl. So we wait a couple months layered up a sweater, another sweater and maybe a windbreaker, and finally the sun comes out shining. It’s time to CHILL. Armed with music, beer, blanket, sunglasses — oh and beer. We’re ready.

So, how do you chill?

With a bottle opener?

With empty beers mugs?

With lots of beers?

With even more beers?

Our special edition Dolores Pilsener Chiller Messenger is the perfect tool for you to chill whichever way you want.

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