The Biggest Messenger

We’ve built the world’s largest messenger bag. That’s right.

This bag was conceived during a team brainstorm when someone asked “What’s the craziest product we can make?”.

We’ve been making messenger bags for 25 years. We make big ones, small ones, medium ones…ones for cameras and ones for beer and even packs for dogs, but never the biggest.

Before building the actual bag, we first constructed a prototype.

We took our new Custom Messenger as the template and aimed to make a nearly perfect replica, just 9 times bigger. While that may not sound like much, the 9XL bag measures 12.6 feet in length and a towering 7.5 feet in height.

Based on these dimensions, the bag can fit approximately 45 – 50 people in it.

To construct the bag, we had to reconfigure the sewing machines and change the locational layout. The challenge wasn’t the sewing. It was managing the excess fabric. At any point of time, the bag needed at least two people holding the fabric while one person did the sewing.

The branding label and the size label had to be screen printed since it’s impossible to make a woven label to scale using the available manufacturing processes.

Carrying this bag may require the help of a few friends and opening it produces the THE loudest velcro RRRiiipppp… ever.

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