Interbike 2013

We had a blast at Interbike checking out all the new gear lined up for 2014. We were busy showcasing some of our new gear as well–such as the much anticipated Raider Pack which we designed in collaboration with the guys at the Mission Cycling Club. Our big day was on Friday as we unveiled the World’s Largest Messenger Bag to the public. This enormous creation was a hit as folks walked by startled by the sheer size of the thing.


The reflector tabs…well, they’re reflective alright:

Big brother, lil’ brother:

Stayin’ busy-chatting it up with folks in our booth:

Here’s a sneak peek to our reflective bags coming your way next year:

All in all, Vegas was a blast. We were stoked to be there and to finally show-case our enormous rasta bag!

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