R3DNA and Timbuk2

We’ve been working hard on making our company more sustainable from the ground up. We’re in the process of developing a steady repairs program and have teamed up with Terracycle to limit our waste from hitting the landfill. Along the same lines, we’ve teamed up with R3DNA whose mission is “Reclaim, Repurpose, Reborn”.

Every year over 12 million cars end up in junk yards, along with the high quality leather that covers the seats. R3DNA and Timbuk2 have teamed up to repurpose this leather and transform it into beautiful, practical bags, laptop sleeves and messengers.

Saved from the landfill:


Custom Commutes from R3DNA repurposed leather:

Custom Swigs from R3DNA repurposed leather:

Help support R3DNA and their kickstarter project which will raise funds for the purpose of expanding their leather removal operation.

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