Golden Ticket Winner

We’ve got another Timbuk2 Golden Ticket Winner! Meet Chris, a Physics teacher from Miami Florida who has told us about his adventures with Timbuk2.

We asked Chris about his any Timbuk2 bags he currently owned our carried, and here is his awesome story:
“Counting those that I have purchased and given to my son or other for gifts there have been six timbuk2 bags in my life so far plus two more on the way now after the Golden Ticket! You could say I lost control in the candy store, but let me tell a little of my story before you a push a button and watch me be consumed by some industrial oompa loompa process. Besides for $300 I owe you a blog eh? My first tb2 bag was consumed completely by chance when I purchased a new laptop two years ago at a mac store in Oregon. It was clearly the envy of many right away. Then this past year life required significant air travel for myself and son so I purchased two roller bags for us. People are always giving me a bad time for this giant duffle I carry my soccer refereeing and workout gear in so I started looking at tb2 duffle bags and ended up purchasing the race cycling duffle. It actually does not suit my needs for refereeing as I had imagined but I loved it so much I just kept looking for the BFD a few months ago when I noticed your Labor Day weekend sale. Much to my disappointment it was unavailable and later found to be discontinued. In the meantime though I discovered your panniers and since I like to bike commute to work as often as possible I started researching those. The Labor Day sale ended and I continued to covet the panniers. A month later my significant other’s birthday arrived and I decided to get her a custom maya. Since I am completely strung out on tb2 bags I thought why not just get myself the panniers at the same time to save shipping (tb2 centered rationale). I started a chat session with one of the oompa loompas to see if a sale would be happening soon and that is when I found out the BFD had been discontinued :( As if enabled by Wonka himself two days later the custom bags went on sale and I got two! One for me and one for her! Now the story gets good….So about two weeks later the bags arrive at my house and I am planning to take my other her birthday present when upon checking out her new maya I find the Golden Ticket! Do I tell her about it or just hoard it for myself to continue my frenzied accumulation of ballistic nylon (switch to Hobbit now?) Honor and generosity overcame me (is that possible in this greedy subtext) and I gave her the ticket (return greedy subtext). I will omit the details except to say that she claims that because the ticket came with her bag it belongs to her since her bag design possesses rarity and funk. She was right…

Thank you Timbuk2

Christopher D.”

Thanks for being awesome Chris, you should become an author. Enjoy your prize and all the bags!

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