Holiday Baggage

As we look back at December, we send out the highest of fives for the rockstar team at our new-in-2013 store in downtown Seattle. This marks the first Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/relax-and-eat -chocolate-and-eggnog season for us at our sweet spot at 7th and Pine st.

Staff @ Seattle

Between the wonderful madness that was Black Friday and Dec 1, this Timbuk2 crew crafted a carny-inspired ”Holiday Baggage” window display, which pays our respect to DIY creativity, our belief in repurposing and the art of being different.

Complete with handmade light-box letters inspired in part by fellow craftspeople like Honor and Kelsie


And if that weren’t enough to get your light on, they cozied up the corner window with a Christmas Bag Tree, made of over 32 custom bags in variations of green fabrics and materials,wooden dowels and white lights…

If you find you find yourself in Seattle this month, swing by the shop @ 7th and Pine and check out the cheeky January display (seriously though, this ain’t J.Crew peeps) Plus, say hello to the team and maybe even throw in a “I saw you online” and see what happens.

Happy New Year!


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