Real Resolutions

Resolutions are typically themed around things you don’t want to do. But life is for living right? We don’t carry boring black bags because we don’t want to, so we’re not going to resolve to run on a treadmill because we don’t want to! Rather, we resolve to choose resolutions we want and will stick to. Join us by sharing your (real) resolutions #realresolutions

Timbuk2′s (real) resolutions:

Really stop at stop signs.
Eat more kimchi.
Drink more (good) coffee.
Leave the house with clean, dry hair.
Read more fiction.
Ride more miles.
Use more words, less acronyms.
Cook more Indian food – hello, chicken tikka masala!
Choose books over Facebook.
Choose patience over frustration.
Choose half and half over skim.
Kill that hill one-more-time.
Say “”yes”" more often.


  1. Sara says:

    You should make a fabric and bag with the resolutions on it.

  2. Thomas says:

    Stretch longer
    Dance more
    Step farther out side of comfort zone
    Write more
    Don’t sweat the smaller stuff
    Make new friends
    Tell present peeps how I really feel about them

  3. Kelvin Tan says:

    Travel more beautiful places
    Listen more
    See more
    Appreciate more
    Love more
    Hug more
    Care more
    Kisses more

  4. John Zhou says:

    Cycling through more places
    Say hello to more stranger friends
    Climb more high mountains
    Listen to more good soul songs
    Make a good interesting love
    Cook dilicious food for lover

  5. Lena says:

    play more piano
    read more books
    listen more
    live life abundantly
    love more
    less time at the computer
    appreciate the beauty of things more

  6. J. Brooke Chao says:

    Pray daily
    Strive for speech and thought that is generously seasoned with kindness and compassion
    Greatly lessen negativity directed towards myself or others
    Move more because I can, but because it will help me be healthier, not to get into a certain dress size.
    Step on the scale less
    Exercise my creativity more often
    Be more intentional in my relationship with others, both family and friends
    Be more consistent with eating good (and good for me) food. I did ok in 2013. I want to do GREAT in 2014.

  7. Iys says:

    Say my name
    Call me iys!!!
    Teacher can I go toilet?!
    Mum help me take the beg
    Don’t eat snailzz
    Hey fox what you saying?!
    So hot!! The chili not you..
    Ambulance ” biiipobiipoooo”
    ” hey boss Teh Tarik satu”

  8. Brianna says:

    Travel more
    Go back to Yoga
    Cook more
    Drink more water
    More projects (art, organization, decorating, etc)

  9. robyn finn says:

    stay positive!
    if i don’t have something nice to say, i won’t say anything at all.
    live within my means.
    when life gives me lemons, make sweet pink lemonade from them.
    random acts of kindness.

  10. Cynthia says:

    Eat dark chocolate daily
    Travel more
    Pilates — at least 4x a week
    Find work that aligns with my values
    Be creative every day!

  11. Tony Sanderson says:

    1. Stop smoking, cigarettes.
    2. Masturbate only on weekends.
    3. Give up salt and mayonnaise.
    4. Get more sleep.

  12. KBV says:

    Pay it Forward!

  13. Pat says:

    Listen: to nature, to music, to those I love, to those in need.
    Construct solutions. not complaints.
    Seek joy = be outside = bike, ski, hike, kayak, canoe, sail.

  14. Juston says:

    Just ordered the Hudson as part of the resolution to Simpify and Organize life a little better! Proud to be a new age professional.

  15. Monica says:

    Drink more champagne!

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