Timbuk2 Team Favorites

We all have favorites, even your parents do, they just might not tell you. But rather than feeling slighted, why not embrace it? If everything was totally equal all the time, wouldn’t we want for variety? A little edge is a good thing. So we’ve decided to pull back the curtain and tell you what Timbuk2 products we really love. We asked a few members of the team to tell the truth. Here’s what they had to say.

Name: Emily Team: Dealer Service Absolute Favorite Product: Telegraph Backpack in night blue Why It’s Superior: “I ride to work with this bag every day, all the way from Ocean Beach to our office in the Mission. The Telegraph is a super simple bag, but it has everything I need. A slash pocket for my laptop, or usually a sweater, and the Night Blue colorway reminds me of the ocean. And it has the goods for my legit daily bike commute.”

Emily Timbuk2 Telegraph Backpack

Name: Defne Team: PR Absolute Favorite Product: Especial Raider Backpack Why It’s Superior: “The Raider Pack is the best. I love it’s sleek look and how it perfectly fits my 13″ Air for jetting around the city during the week. And, the side pockets fit a bottle of wine and two plastic cups for an impromptu picnic on the weekends.”

The Raider Pack is the best. Not only do I love it’s sleek look, but it’s the perfect size for my 13″ Macbook AirIt also holds a bottle of wine and two plastic cups perfectly in the side pockets for an impromptu picnic on the weekends.

Defne Timbuk2 Raider Backpack

Name: Noel Team: Marketing Absolute Favorite Product: Especial Vuelo Backpack Why It’s Superior: “It’s super light, reflective, and totally, completely waterproof. And I love that it’s all it’s extremely reflective, yet stealth at the same time.

Noel in the Especial Vuelo Backpack

Name: Jenn Team: Product Design Absolute Favorite Product: Dolores Chiller Why It’s Superior: “The Chiller is perfect for picnics in the park, it’s easy to clean, never gets funky, holds plenty of beers, cheeses, spreads and ice packs for longer trips, and it works as a big haul bag without the insert for weekend getaways.”

Jenn Timbuk2 Dolores Chiller

Name: Holly Team: Operations Absolute Favorite Product: Iris Duffel Why It’s Superior: I like the Iris because it’s sporty chic. It’s not an every day bag but still get TONS of use out of it.

Holly Timbuk2 Iris Duffel

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