Golden Ticket Winner

We had another lucky Golden Ticket winner over the holidays, a gift within a gift would you believe! Meet Matthew who was the latest to come away with a $300.00 gift certificate to and a tour to our factory.

• Name: Matthew M.
• Where you live: Nashville, TN
• Profession: A software developer making the Web a little bit better than it was yesterday.

• Timbuk2 you currently own/carry
My main bag is a Commute messenger. This new one is replacing my original Commute that has now been retired. I use a small Snoop Camera Messenger for my photo kit and an Extra Small Classic Messenger for when I don’t need to haul my laptop around. I also have a battered Checkpoint that has seen me back and forth to London a few too many times.

• Anything else you’d like to share with the Timbuk2 community
I may have a bag addiction. I’ve not mentioned the *other* brands of bags I have stowed about. It’s really not a problem though.

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