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We recently received an email from someone who ran into a very special bag down in Santa Cruz. As it turns out, this vintage Timbuk2 messenger featured their father on the inside flap and we were more than intrigued by the story. Read all the details on this cyclist and how they came across this bag below!

“This is a true real life story of 2 acquaintances – both living in Santa Cruz – one from San Jose (Michael Bertoldo) and one from Paris France (Mireille Klimock – maiden name Mireille Thuayre) – and a Limited edition messenger bag from Timku2. They weren’t close friends at the time but would see other around the neighborhood of 41st coffee shop and other local places.

One day last year (March 26, 2013) Mireille (Mimi) went to the coffee shop to get her morning latte. As she was going out the front door of the coffee shop she noticed an acquaintance sitting at the table next to the front door. He had a Timbuk2 messenger bag on the ground next to his chair that caught her eye. She noticed it had old photos of bike racers on it and commented that it was a nice bag. Michael held the bag up to give her a close up look (feeling really proud of the Bag) and then he opened it up to show her the large photo inside. (What happened next is truly amazing and defies all odds that something like this could ever happen).

Mimi was taken by surprise and said – “Oh My God – it’s my Dad”- Michael said – “Oh Come On – Really” – Mimi said “yeah it’s my Dad” – pointing to the photo of the race winner. At first Michael didn’t really believe her – as he said to us later – he was thinking “This is Santa Cruz and there are all kinds of nuts around here” – thinking she was just one of them. As this was happening Mimi’s emotions really hit her hard and she started to cry. But Mimi noticed Michael had his computer with him and she told him to Google her father’s name (Daniel Thuayre). He did and he saw photos of her father and said “Oh Sh-t!” it really is him. They ended up talking about her father and the “Bag” for a while but Mimi had to go to work so they exchanged phone numbers and emails.

Shortly after that Mimi called me to tell the story – I couldn’t believe that someone from France who traveled around the world and lived in so many different places in North America would come across someone in Santa Cruz who had a messenger bag for 9 years from Timbuk2 – with a photo of her father on it – especially since the photo was of him during his amateur career in 1942. Later that day Michael called me to tell the story as well – he asked if anything special was coming up in Mimi’s life. I wasn’t sure what he had in mind but I said her birthday was coming in a couple of weeks. He said that was perfect as he wanted to give “The Bag” to her as a present. I said that was an incredible gesture but wasn’t necessary – but Michael insisted saying he wanted to do it as he felt “The Bag” really belong to Mimi and should be part of her life. Later that week, my son Casey and I went to Michael’s house to pick up the bag and keep it in a safe place in our house. We thought it was best to keep the presentation of it private as Mimi would be overcome with emotions – Michael agreed that was best. When she opened the box on her birthday she couldn’t believe what Michael had done and was overwhelmed that someone could be so generous and thoughtful. We met up with Michael a couple days later to thank him and share some stories. Since then we have been good friends and when we see each other we share the story with other friends around us and they all are amazed.

Background information on Daniel Thuayre:
Mimi’s father – Daniel Thuayre was a professional cyclist in France from 1946 -1954. He rode the Tour de France 3 times with his best overall finish at 16th in 1947 – (best individual stage was 6th that year). As well he won many one day races, Velodrome races and Cyclocross races. A couple of the classics races of the time that he won were the 1948 Annemasse – Bellegarde 1st and the 1950 – Paris –St. Etienne 1st.He was a world class rider who truly loved the sport participating in all disciplines of cycling.

He rode as an amateur racer from 1937-1945 and in the early 1940’s he was on a team called Gros Caillou. The reason I mention this team is the photo you have of him on “The Bag” was of a victory he had while on that team in 1942. I have included additional photos of Daniel and his team members wearing the distinctive star shaped yoked collar of Gros Caillou.”


  1. Hebting Ginette says:

    What a surprise ! i am cousin with Mireille Thuayre, can she connected me ?
    i knowed her father Thuayre Daniel. I know , that Mireille remember mine, i am sur, so if she
    contacte me, please can she do in french !
    Thank you

    • Mireille Thuayre Klimock says:

      Bonjour Ginette, Et oui je suis bien ta cousine Mireille donc on se parle demain,

      grosses bises,


      • Hebting Ginette says:

        Chère Mireille,
        Je suis vraiment ravie de ton contact, il y a si longtemps !!!
        Pourrais-tu me répondre par mail (que tu peux voir ci-dessus)
        Nous, nous résidons toujours au même endroit que tu connais.
        Quand je pense à cette histoire avec ce sac …et cette photo…!
        curieux!! …le hasard …quelle émotion pour toi.
        Grosses bises

  2. Geoff Sacco says:

    It is my pleasure to be able to add just a small bit to this wonderful story. It was me who made this bag happen, as I was Design Director at Timbuk2 2002-2004 when we developed the graphic bag program, and I selected the different images and photos, and this wonderful bag was part of our vintage collection. My heart is happy reading this, and a true blessing that all of these events happened and somehow I was a part of it. Lovely, and I will share with my family. Thanks.
    Oh, and amazingly, I just bought my next bag last week, after my last bag (Chile country colors) was getting limp from 3 years travel around the world.
    All the best,
    Geoff Sacco

  3. J. Davis says:

    What a cool story, I have this bag, Its always be hard to find any mention of this bag….bought it in Chicago 2002-3. still travel to Paris using this bag…..what’s it worth?….just kidding… Love my bag…….

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