Fabric Flips

We change our selection of specialty fabrics for Custom Messengers five times a year. We call these rotations”fabric flips”.

The process isn’t as cut and dry as one might think. There’s quite a bit of planning, discussing and testing prior to buying huge rolls of fabric.

We first select fabrics from swatches that come into the office. Lots of thought that goes into this–we look at current fashion trends for inspiration and go through a lengthy discussion process to determine which ones we think will be a hit. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we disagree and eventually we select a number of fabrics.

Swatches, swatches everywhere!

Which ones will make the cut?

These are pinned for success

These mood boards help us nail down fabrics that we spot as interesting fashion trends:

Here are the results: Marbelous and Mondraining, our fan named fabrics ready to be turned into messengers:

After having selected our favorite fabrics, we put them through a wear testing process which eliminates the ones that can’t handle the test of time. While there may be a fabric that we’re really excited about, if it can’t handle our lifetime warranty, it won’t make the cut. The next step is getting entire rolls of fabric sent right into our San Francisco factory and prepping them for the bag making process.

Big rolls of fabric ready to get pre-cut for sewing:

Pre-cut fabric swatches ready to go:

Bags made with our specialty fabrics:

And there you have it, that’s how the specialty fabrics make their way onto your custom bags. Design your own Timbuk2 Messenger here.

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