Top Riders in The Bay

On February 28th, our hometown bike share, Bay Area Bike Share, celebrated it’s first 1/2 birthday! To recognize the folks who have ridden the most trips since the program’s launch at the end of August 2013, we partnered with BABS (yeah, we like their funky acronym too) to stoke out their top riders with exclusive collection of Timbuk2 custom bags.

We wanted to call out (from the top of a mountain!) the Top Rider from each city in the Bay Area Bike Share Network (San Francisco, Palo Alto, Redwood City, Mountain View, San Jose) plus the Top Female Rider. BABS crunched the stats and here are stats:

  1. Top Male & Top Rider in San Francisco - 427 rides
  2. San Jose top rider - 326 rides
  3. Mountain View -161 rides
  4. Palo Alto - 158 rides
  5. Redwood City -  85 rides
  1. Top Female Rider - 62 rides 

The bags themselves were inspired by the iconic minty teal bicycles in the fleet of Bay Area Bike Share. We created 2 custom messengers, 3 custom Swig packs, and 1 custom Tartine tote, with bike share bikes in mind: incognito reflective panels down the middle for night time visibility and a teal binding that matches almost down to the pantone. The small Classic messenger fits the front basket like a highly highly reflective, teal glove.

We then figured, hey, let’s meet these Bike Share steed slayers. So we hosted a Happy Hour at the Timbuk2 HQ for the Top Riders and the Bay Area Bike Share staff. Here’s what went down (according to them) and  us:

Part 1: Factory Tour with Noel

In the Showroom – Coincidence the mannequin is dressed like him?

In the Factory on Folsom St.

Cain, San Jose’s top rider, flicked the switch to lower the disco ball onto Timbuk2 land

Part 2: Super casual awards ceremony to announce the winners & have some brews.

Cornelia trying on her new BABS tote (Design your own custom tote here)

Part 4: 3 of the 6 top riders model their new bags on the Shotwell St. catwalk

Step 4: Photo op (3 of the 6 Top riders in the middle)

Stoked for the winners, but bummed you didn’t take the prize this time? You can customize your own Timbuk2 bag to match your geared townie, single speed demon, basket bike, road machine, bike share bike too. Here’s how. (Hint, ALL custom bags are 20% this week! Srsly. Sale ends 3/28/14)

Congrats to the winners and thanks to all of you who choose to ride bike share, whether in SF, NY, Denver or Chattanooga, enjoy the ride!




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