Fire-Resistant Bag

We occasionally get amazing stories from our community of bags saving their lives in bicycling and motorcycle accidents. Recently we received this letter from Jim, truly a story that we were amazed by:

Dear Timbuk2,

There is a quick story I wanted to share with you about one of your bags which I’ve had for several months now. In February my wife and I had a home fire, everyone got out safely but the house is pretty wrecked. The attached picture shows my Timbuk2 bag (on the left) on on top of my dining table, which is smashed, underneath my insulation, which is
burned, surrounded and covered with the hundreds of gallons of water that the firefighters poured into my house.

The entire contents of the bag, an iPad and other documents, are completely fine. I should add that it was 20 below zero when this all happened to the bag.

The reason I tell you all of this is, HOLY CRAP, you make a really incredible bag!



We’re glad Jim and his family made it out okay and it’s always good to know that our bags really can handle the heat.


  1. Chad says:

    I am looking for the best, lightest weight, wheeled carry on luggage there is. Split compartments is desirable but not a must. Backpack version a possibility but not necessary. Largest carry on potential a must. Please let me know your thoughts… I have one of your new (2013) and original (1992ish, believe it or not!, rasta color!) messenger bags so like the quality, brand and company. Look forward to your ideas. Chad

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