Made in the Mission

We recently invited Angela Tafoya (@angelatafoya), San Francisco Editor of Refinery29 and her boyfriend Eric Bailey (@ericbailey), artist/designer (see his work here), into our San Francisco factory to design and sew bags using our new fabrics. Mission neighborhood locals, Angela and Eric live just a few blocks from our factory, but they’d never been inside. It was fun to show them what making is all about. See a Q&A on their lives and work in San Francisco below along with shots from their session in the Timbuk2 factory. And once sufficiently inspired, customize a bag of your own.

An Afternoon in the Timbuk2 San Francisco Factory with Angela & Eric

We stole Angela and Eric away from their day jobs — style blogging and designing — to make custom bags in our San Francisco factory. Full of style and steeped in the Mission neighborhood’s quirks, they were the perfect pair to let loose in the factory.

Angela and Eric
Angela and Eric in the Timbuk2 factory

First they had to select styles and fabrics.
Fabric Offering
Selecting Fabrics
Angela Selecting fabrics

Angela selected a Tartine Tote in a summer stripe.
Angela Watching her tote be made
Tote Being Sewn
Tote Close Up

She looks pretty pleased.
Angela with her finished tote
Angela admiring her finished tote

Ready to rock it. (Or already rocking it.)
Angela Ready to Rock Her Tote

Eric selected a classic messenger in wear-it-anywhere camo.
Camo Messenger
Camo Close Up
Swirl in Camo
Eric and Hui focused on Camo
Eric's Inspection

Camo with a pop.
Eric with his finished bag

They made these. Eric and Angela with their finished Timbuk2 bags – made and worn in San Francisco.
Eric and Angela
Angela with finished tote
Angela with her custom Tote
Eric with his messenger

Within ten minutes of completion, Angela and Eric rolled their new bags into the wild. Green Heart Foods was their first stop.
Bike Basket
Angela on Bike
Coffee at Sightglass

All in a day’s work.
Angela and Eric in our San Francisco factory

Q&A with Angela and Eric

Name: Angela Tafoya
Lives: Mission
Works: Refinery29
Title: San Francisco Editor
Rides: Mosi Bikes, Carolina – I love how chic, and European-influenced Mosi’s bikes are, and the company is based right here in the Bay (Marin to be exact). The Carolina is the perfect bike for a Sunday ride around S.F.
Style: I think my style is definitely comfort driven with quirky elements and pieces peppered in. I love mixing vivid hues and prints. I am attracted to pieces that are fun and playful.
Must-carry item(s): I’m pretty smitten with my Falconwright eye wallet/card holder. I bought it at this adorable shop in Portland called Yo! Vintage and can’t go anywhere without it. I love how small and portable it is! I’m thinking about adding the pineapple one to my arsenal soon. I also can’t leave home without my Julia Kostreva planner. It keeps me sane.
Must-NOT-carry item(s): I’m pretty minimal when I’m zipping around the city. So, anything that doesn’t seamlessly fit in my bag, is more than likely staying at home.
Coffee or Tea: Coffee. I literally can’t function without it. You don’t want to see/talk to me pre-coffee guzzle. Plus, the new Sightglass is dangerously close to my house, which doesn’t help with my consumption.
Bacon or Brussel Sprouts (or both): Brussel Sprouts, for sure. Eric whips up the BEST brussel sprouts I’ve ever had — seriously.
Secret San Francisco spot: The 16th Avenue tiled steps. I heard about them through one of our contributors (Rebecca Brown). They are a great way to workout in the city.
Next travel destination: I’m really excited to be heading to Tulum, Mexico in May. I had this trip in mind when designing my bag — ha! It really is the perfect beach tote. Marking down the days!
Ideal Sunday morning: For me, a perfect Sunday is waking up with a cup of coffee in hand, browsing Pinterest, walking my dogs, riding to the park (weather permitting), and exploring the city. It’s so full of new discoveries, places to visit, and restaurants to try.

Name: Eric Bailey
Lives: Mission
Works: Self-Employed Artist/designer
Rides: Mosi Bikes, Hugo – Riding bikes is such a positive way to see the city. It offers a more personal vantage point and is a great way to stay fit.
Style: My style is definitely comfortable and classic. I live an active style, am constantly moving, and aim to be comfortable in my attire yet feel well-dressed and ready for any occasion.”
Must-carry item(s): Headphones (music is a necessity in my life), sketch book to jot down inspiration/ideas, bike lock, and water bottle (got to stay hydrated).
Coffee or Tea: Coffee in the morning, tea at night.
Bacon or Brussel Sprouts (or both): Combine them both and you have an awesome dish right there.
Secret San Francisco spot: I like Louie’s. I feel like not many people know about it and it some of the best views, overlooking the Sutro Baths.
Next travel destination: Tulum. Looking forward to the sunshine, warm waters, and drinks.
Ideal Sunday morning: Brunch with friends. I also love getting out and playing tourist in my own city. Seeing things I haven’t in a while or exploring new areas.

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