Life Cycle for Earth Day

We are extremely excited to announce the kick-off to our Life Cycle program. We’ve always been passionate about protecting our planet and this is the most responsible thing we can do environmentally — extend the life of our existing products.

We created the Timbuk2 Life Cycle to enable your Timbuk2 product to live a full life, now & forever with the help of our partners Terracycle, Yerdle and ifixit.

Reduce, reuse, repair, recycle, and reimagine. Learn about the Life Cycle program here.


  1. Paul Schreiber says:

    When I click on the (very large) graphic, I see nothing useful. But when I click on the (tiny, gray) word “here” I get the Life Cycle info page.

    You fail at the Internet. (Also: Google “why click here is bad.”)

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