Carol from Youthmade

Meet Carol, our newest intern from SFMade and their YouthMade program. Carol has been helping us around the office completing a multitude of tasks and being awesome. It’s always a pleasure to have an enthusiastic teen helping out. Learn more about her involvement at Timbuk2 and what she’s all about below.

My name is Carol Wu, and here’s a bit about me. I’m a senior at the Academy of Arts & Sciences, and I’m 17 years old. I guess I’m your average teenager, but I seem to be busier than most. I’ve immersed myself in multiple communities, always eager for anything new to stretch my mind. Working at the Museum of African Diaspora as a Youth Media Intern for four years, I significantly broadened my knowledge of the African diaspora and the Transatlantic slave trade. During my stay, I also learned all about the inner workings of a DSLR camera, eventually leading me to become editor-in-chief of my school’s yearbook committee. Being an avid reader, I am also a loving co-founder of the school’s first book club. I’ve been enchanted by the way syllables and words so simply strung together can communicate every experience and emotion known to man. It is the way we learn; it is the way we will continue to learn. For as long as there is a page unturned or a poem unread, there is knowledge untapped. I’ve always valued education; stripped to the core, knowledge is power.

And now, I’ve found myself in the midst of the manufacturing and business world: Timbuk2. In this eclectic whirlwind of an office, you can come across anything from furry dogs to hardworking bag designers. I’ve been let loose in the offices of Timbuk2 by Youthmade, “an innovative partnership between Juma Ventures and SFMade that is the first program of its kind to give low income youth direct work experience inside small, urban manufacturing businesses.” Since working here, I’ve been in a photo shoot, seen a Timbuk2 bag handmade in front of my eyes, and created manuals and guides for DIY bag repair. My stay has been nothing but exciting and educational, and I’m sure it will stay that way for the rest of my time here. I’m excited to learn more about the ins and outs of production, marketing, manufacturing, and the like. I’m glad Youthmade made this internship possible, giving me the opportunity to meet many wonderful people and have this great experience. I’m certain that this internship will arm me with knowledge for the road to not only college, but the world.” – Carol


  1. Damien says:

    Hey Carol,

    Ask them at TIMBUK2 when they are going to get the reflective yellow material back in. I have just written a summary paper of a great deal of research into cyclists road crashes and the most important thing is being seen. That material is just what needs to be on every bag that My kids, my wife and I own.

    Adelaide, Australia.

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